Subcontract Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing specializing in Large Weldments and Fabrications as well as complete product lines.

ARGO Industries is a subcontract steel fabricator with the capabilities of manufacturing both large and small equipment and fabrications. Family owned since 1987 and located in Beautiful Brookfield Wisconsin. We have Laser Cutting, Plasma, Bending, Rolling, Sawing, 60 feet of continuous Beam Line CNC Hole Drilling, Industrial coatings and of course Certified Welding capabilities. We pride ourselves in our customer service and working directly with the customer to achieve the best product possible.


At Argo, we firmly believe that an experienced team of welders is a critical part of any fabrication process. All of our welding technicians are qualified to ASME and a minimum AWS D1.1 standard. These qualifications along with the combined years of experience on our team makes Argo Industries ready to take on your project challenges.


We believe in continuously upgrading our equipment and reevaluating our techniques in an effort remain competitive in an ever changing industry. As a result of our extensive list of in-house services and trusted partners, we are able to completely control the manufacturing process from start to finish therefore cutting out any potential lag time interfering with our delivery dates.
Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals has the ability to start with your design specifications and raw material to produce cut, formed, welded and assembled products regardless of the size, weight or complexity you require.


Argo Industries’ focus is on efficient metal fabrication with a commitment to supporting the complete business model from product development and planning, to fulfillment. Since our start in 1986, Argo has been participating and supporting product design and manufacturing strategic plans for our customers. Throughout the industrial metal design and engineering process, we consider ease of assembly, fabrication, practical maintenance, welding techniques, and advanced manufacturing methods to ensure a high quality end product for our customer. This type of commitment comes from years of experience in the steel fabrication industry.


Our Engineering staff is experienced in a wide variety of projects, applications, and systems, to insure that we meet our customer expectations As a company we are committed to quality and customer service. We strive to make every day a positive experience when working with ARGO. We've built our reputation on it.



We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior service and products intent on exceeding expectations. In the last several years we’ve grown extensively due to our reputation of excellence and customer satisfaction; providing personal attention to each and every customer and their project. We have the capabilities to handle both large and small fabrications while maintaining our professional family atmosphere with our customers.


A Strong emphasis on Collaboration and Customer Service is our passion to help us succeed in delivering quality products on time and within budget. We strive to keep overhead low and equipment well maintained to provide competitive pricing and exceptional service that keeps our customers returning year after year.


We continually look to maximize our services to provide innovative solutions for our customer as well as stay current on the latest industry advancements to enhance their competitive advantage.


Argo assures customers the best value for quality parts and on-time deliveries. We acknowledge the requirements our customers expect and aim to meet or exceed them. We believe our facility is exceptionally equipped to take on any type of fabrication process.
Always preparing for the future, Argo brings into play strategies that allow parts to be made in the most efficient way, keeping costs under control and quality a priority. This advantage gives us the ability to continue being a strong and growing company proven to weather the storms of any economic turn.


We believe that maintaining a steady workforce through the years has been the key to our success in creating a high quality product each and every time.